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This year we are building a growing list of discipleship challenges to help you grow.  Among these challenges will be some readings, videos and small practical steps to help you grow.  Click on DISCIPLESHIP CHALLENGES on our church website to get started.  The goal is to help believers become fully faithful followers of Jesus Christ.  

Step 1 - Begin with Prayer


Every venture a Christians take should be started and undergirded with prayer. Spend 5 minutes asking God to bless your efforts to grow in following Jesus. Here is a simple way to pray for five minutes: A.C.T.S.

1. Adoration - Worship and appreciate the Lord's goodness.

2. Confession - Humble yourself verbally and "clean out the fridge" Tell the Lord your sorry for mistakes, sin and shortcomings.

3. Thanksgiving - Remember how God has helped your recently and in the past and thank him.

4. Supplication - pray for yourself and others.


Maybe this prayer can help you get started:

"Heavenly Father, I'm so fortunate to know you through your son Jesus and the Bible. Everything about you is amazing. You are holy, worthy and my all in all. When I come before you in prayer I feel humbled. You are pure, I am not. You are powerful, I am weak. You are creator, I am your creation. Help me in my struggles and weaknesses. Less of me and more of you, Lord. Create in me a clean heart. Thank you for being faithful all my days. Thank you for providing for my needs and those of my family. Thank you for being powerful and protective. Thank you for knowing me fully and staying in my life. I pray now for others. Put on my heart how to pray for my family and friends and my church. I also pray for myself. Please help me know your will and walk in it. I ask for wisdom and discernment. Give me the strength to do the right thing always. In the name of your son Jesus I pray. Amen."



Step 2 - Connect to the Bible App


In our first quarter's discipleship challenges we will use two online tools: the Bible app and RightNow Media. You need to set these up so you can access the next two assignments. Both are free and it's easy to get started.


SET UP BIBLE APP ACCOUNT on phone, tablet and/or computer

On your android or iPhone go to the app store. Look for the Bible app.

The app icon looks like this:



Download this app on your phone or tablet. If you prefer to use the computer that is fine also. Simply go to


Next set up your own free personal account. On the top right of the app there will be 3 dots. Click those dots and go to sign up. On the webpage click on the top right profile icon and go to sign up. It's easy. Follow the instructions to set up your free Bible App account. This is a great app and you'll love all the features. Bible app was created by Life Church who created the YouVersion Bible program, giving free access of the Bible to millions around the world with many translations and many languages.

Choose a reading plan here:  Bible Reading Plans & Daily Devotionals | YouVersion Bible


Step 3 - Connect to Right Now Media




Go to the RIGHTNOW MEDIA panel on our church's website and click on the link or directly at RightNow Media . This will take you to a sign up page for RIGHTNOW MEDIA. Our church pays for this resource for all of our attenders to use for free. RIGHTNOW MEDIA is like a Christian Netflix with over 20,000 streaming videos of Bible teaching, movies and programing for adults, teens and children. Our discipleship challenges will sometimes include watching a Bible teaching video. You will want to set up a free account. Simply follow the sign-up instructions. If you have any questions, you may call the church office 727-733-9305 or Pastor Jerry for help in getting set up.

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